Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update and Our New House

Today is the first day I have forced myself NOT to unpack and straighten the house. I have SO much stuff! The girls are really enjoying having a new house and having their things again! I have been VERY tired. The best time to get things done is after the kids go to sleep, so I've been staying up too late! Shane has been in Casper because he still works there and it's been hard to have him gone. But the Blevins girls have come over a couple times to help. That has been very nice! Thanks girls! I have enjoyed the company and help!
Lylli started school on Friday and really liked it. I really like the programs they have there. Her teacher has an honor roll program for kids who need more projects to do. They are pretty detailed and advanced projects she can chose to do, so that will be nice! They also have a GT program at the school. The way that works is that she will attend class with her class and then they'll just pull her out a couple hours a week (or so) for the GT program. They also have a program where they speak English in the morning and French in the afternoon. They just started that this year and they started with the 1st grade, so Lylli won't be able to do that, but that will be an option for Layla. I haven't decided about that yet, but it's neat that the school has so many options.
Layla has already made good friends with the little girls across the street and the girls have been playing everyday. It's nice for them to have friends to play with!
Seryn has been enjoying going through boxes! It's like Christmas finding all sorts of things!

I thought that everyone may want to see some pictures of the house. Of course, pictures never do the house justice, so I guess you will just have to come to Provo to get a first hand look yourself! We LOVE company.
For our house warming presents, the girls and I got Halloween shirts! They loved them.

Now keep in mind, I'm planning to paint everything, so I'll be posting before and after pictures later. And I don't have pictures of everything but this may give you a little idea.
Lylli's room. She got to chose if she wanted her own room or have the smaller room by herself. She chose her own room and loves it!
She also got to get a new bed. She originally wanted a bed/desk. The bed on top and the desk underneath. But it was too expensive and she already had a neat desk. But I like this and I think she likes it now too.
Layla and Seryn's room. Layla loves being on the top bunk and Seryn loves being a big girl with a big bed and being on the bottom!
This is the family room upstairs.
This is the other side of the family room where Shane has his TV. That was the first thing he set up!
The downstairs bathroom.
My dining room which is directly opposite of the kitchen. It's nice to have a place that will fit my table!
And of course, my kitchen. I thought it would be smaller than my last kitchen but I have enough space for everything.
This is the living room as seen from the loft upstairs. That's kind of fun!
And the living room from the front door. Do you like the boxes?
Over all, we are enjoying our new home! Thanks for all your love and support!


The Martinez Fam said...

How exciting!! I'm sure you'll have the place looking like yours in no time. You did so many cute things with your other house!!

Amy said...

Look's nice! I HATE unpacking. Actually I HATE packing too. Ugh and we have to do it soon. Can't wait to see your new place in person!

Michelle said...

Looks cute! I'm glad Lylli is enjoying school. That can be hard, or so I hear. Sometime you'll have to post outside pictures, too. Call if you ever have a chance. ;)

THE BOWMAN'S said...

It was fun to hang out with you guys over the weekend and I'm glad that everything is working out and starting to calm down a little bit. Please let us know if we can help out at all. Tell the girls hi for us.

Dean Lorimer said...

Looks good! I'm excited to come see it in December!

The Grogan Gang said...

I hope that you get some rest with Shane at home this week! I love the pictures and hope that you start to feel settled!!